About Us

Ardo deals with the healthcare products, which accompany people on their journey through life. Their product supports the development and growth of newborns and premature babies by making the breastfeeding simpler for the mothers, which leads to a great breastfeeding experience.

Ardo is a Switzerland based company which manufactures and markets premium quality products in the Medical Technology sector. Ardo is catering the segment of mother and baby with breastfeeding aids and as well as suction technology and neonatology.
Team have the passion to work on the innovative solutions for all the product range.
Ardo is a WHO code Compliant company, as they follow WHO Code for Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.
Ardo Medical have 4 subsidiaries : Germany, England, Netherland and China. They have the strong and deciacted network of distributors who promote Ardo products in more than 50 countries.
“P3A Medical is a team of healthcare professionals with some of reputed Doctors, Nutritionist, and Lactation consultants.
Our Learning and Teaching is Common :
Thinking About A Precious Life – The Most important 60 minutes of our Birth !!!
Which means our team is focused for promoting the breastfeeding, and we understand the need of a mum and her baby.
Our approach is “Solution First”
P3A is also efficient to Supply premium quality products to meet other medical needs and equipment required by professionals and hospitals such as Suction Pumps, Incubators, and other surgical needs.