Storage of Breast-milk

You can keep the expressed breast milk (4 – 6° C) for three days.  For keeping the stock up, the expressed milk can be stored for 3 months in refrigerator’s freezer compartment and for six months in the deep freezer at the temperature at least -20°C.

For instance, each portion (60 to 120 ml) is expressed preferably into special and separate freezer bags, cooled and frozen immediately afterwards. The special freezer bags are prepared out of high quality three-layer material and they do not absorb foreign flavors. They are unquestionably hygienic, practical as-well-as guarantee optimal storage of the breast milk. It is significant to mark each freezer bag with the expressing date.

Repeated expressing and storage:

If you repeat expressing within 24 hours, the freshly expressed breast milk can be included to the already cooled milk. If the breast milk has already been deep frozen, it is the best way to cool the freshly expressed milk first in the refrigerator for half an hour. Add it to the rest of the deep-frozen milk and thereafter deep freeze it.