Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding positions

Correct positioning of mother and baby

The position should be comfortable for both mother and baby; that contribute substantially to successful breastfeeding. Therefore, it is not so significant if you breastfeed lying down or seated. However, it is recommended to you to change the breastfeeding positioning during the day for relieving the nipples and for regularly emptying the breasts.  Breastfeeding can be made comfortable with thehelp of a nursing pillow. It givesyou a relief and you are not required to support the weight of your child with your muscles. In place of this, you can relax your arm on the pillow. The pillow services as a support for the mother’s arm. It is not a pillow for the head of baby.


When you hold the baby, you can easily control the positioning better. Particularly, it means that you are required to hold your baby for:


  • The baby lies stomach to stomach with mom (ear, shoulder and hip from one line).
  • The height of the mouth remains the same as that of nipple.
  • The arm of the mother gets the support and the shoulders get the relaxation.
  • Breast is touched by the tip of the nose and the chin of the baby throughout the breastfeeding session.