Sore nipples

In the first two or three days after birth, sensitive nipples after birth are normal. If the discomfort is continued, or if the nipples become sore or cracked or bleed, it is because of incorrect positioning in most cases. Some examples in this regard include the baby may have taken too much of the nipple and not enough of the areola into its mouth, the baby may not have opened its mouth sufficiently, its lips may be turned inwards, the mother may have bent forward during positioning instead of pulling the baby towards her, the baby may be lying on the pillow instead of being held in its mother’s arm, etc. (see Breastfeeding positions’).

Sucking problems, thrush (a white fungal infection, which leaves white spots in the baby’s mouth) or toungie-tie are rarely the reason of sore nipples. If sore nipples cause intense pain, seek the advice of a breastfeeding specialist as soon as possible. In addition, Ardo Breastfeeding aids can help you. A high quality lanolin product (like Ardo GoldCream) can prevent dry and sore nipples and can easily promote self-healing. There is no requirement to wash the breasts before breastfeeding.