Electric Breastpumps

Electric Breastpumps

The best set-up!

Adjust the vacuum (Intensity of suction)

Expressing milk should never be painful.

  • You should first take care that the nipple is centered in the breast shell
  • Thereafter, set the vacuum intensity at the highest level that is comfortable for you. Intensify the vacuum, a very slight discomfort is felt by you, and then you should reduce the intensity of the vacuum until pumping is comfortable
  • Do not forget to check whether the size of the breast shell fits your nipple or not.
  • If the milk is not released, try a massage, and this can be really effective


Regulate the cycle


  • When babies begin to breastfeed, they suckle with quick sucking motions and low suction. It causes the milk to release by stimulating the milk ejection reflex. This effect can be easily replicated by starting with a higher cycle level and by selecting a weaker vacuum
  • When you use the Stimulation-mode, select the levels of vacuum and cycle which suit you.
  • When the milk starts releasing, decrease the cycles until you get the most comfortable level for you.
  • If the milk flow does not succeed, start again in stimulation-mode for prompting the milk to release/flow once again.


Encourage the milk ejection reflex

The milk ejection reflex may take place later at the time of pumping and breastfeeding. The following measures may be helpful in this regard:

  • First, you should breast massage before pumping.
  • Thereafter, have a warm drink.
  • Then, relax and think about your child.
  • Gaze at a picture of your baby
  • After that, apply a warmed compress to the breast before expressing (Temperature Pack)
  • After accomplishing the above mentioned process, warm the cone or funnel of the breast shell before applyingpump efficiently.
  • The milk production can be boosted due to the massage effect of using the breast pump. It can promote better milk flow


Increase quantity of milk


  • You should use of a double pump set (Ardo Double Pumpset). The simultaneous expressing of both breasts decreases the pumping time by half and it evidently improves the milk quantity.
  • For the first 10 minutes, or until there is no more milk, which is flowing, use a double┬ápump, which expresses from both breasts at once. Thereafter, you need to switch to a single pump. After that, you need to express from each breast for five minutes while massaging gently