Manual Breastpumps

Manual Breastpumps

Expressing: how to do it right!

Regulate the vacuum and cycle:

For pumping pump with the breastpump, sit comfortably and then relax. Thereafter, centre the nipple so that at the time of  pumping it moves freely in the breast shell.
Adjusting the suction strength (vacuum):

The further you press the lever, the higher the suction strength is.

Adjusting the speed interval (cycle):

The faster you move the lever up and down, the higher the speed interval.

We recommend that begin at a high speed interval and a low suction strength for stimulating the milk ejection reflex. Once the milk is flowing, decrease the speed interval and increase the suction strength.


Encouraging the milk ejection reflex

The milk ejection reflex may take later when pumping than when Breastfeeding. The following measures may be helpful in this regard:

  • Breast massage before pumping.
  • Have a warm drink
  • Relax and think about your baby
  • Gaze at a picture of your baby
  • Apply a warmed compress to the breast before expressing (Temperature Pack)
  • Warm the cone or funnel of the breast shell before applying


Pump efficiently

The milk production can be boosted with the massage effect of using the breastpump.