How to Breastfeed

How to Breastfeed:

Breast Massage :

Breast massage is an important thing for promoting the blood circulations of the breasts as-well-as the flow of milk. In addition to this, it has the positive influence on milk production

The right time :

After birth, your baby will soon start to search for your breast. Some of them suck with full energy form the very beginning. Some others suck at or nuzzle the nipple

Breastfeeding Positions :

The position should be comfortable for both mother and baby; that contribute substantially to successful breastfeeding.

Latching on :

You can prevent the breastfeeding problems easily via correct positioning from the beginning. Some of the problems that can be taken as an instance include sore nipples, lack of mil and more.

Breastfeeding Rhythm :

The Breastfeeding rhythm continuously changes in the course of development. The best Breastfeeding results are acquired when a healthy, full term baby is breastfed as required

Breastfeeding time and Weaning :

As per recommendations, during the first 6 months, the infant should be fed exclusively with breast milk during the first 6 months.