Mother & Baby


The most important 60 minutes of our birth.
Thanks to ARDO a WHO Code Complaince company to introduce Vacuum Seal Technology and ultra silent breastpumps to express precious milk which is the right for every baby.

We offer a wide range of professional products and solutions to ensure that our range of products meets your individual and personal needs.


Our unmatched advantages :

1 Uncompromized quality – A Swiss product
2 A customized product which offers a mother absolutely flexibility and independence to adjust the vacuum and cycles, as every mother is different and important.
3 Completely Safe for Mother and Baby – Thanks to Ardo for its vacuum Seal Technology. Where in the milk does not flow back to tube and hence prevents getiing infected or contaminated.
4 400 hrs or 1 year Guarantee**
5 Ardo is a WHO Code Complaint